Aberle Genealogy


Below are some of the services that Aberle Genealogy offers.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for in this list, please ask!

Traditional Genealogy:

Tracing ancestors

Assistance with applications for lineage-based societies

Researching descendants

Preparation of pedigree charts and family group sheets

Searching for, reviewing, copying, and retrieval of records held at nearby archive facilities

Consulting on family history research methods (especially with respect to researching in England)


Taking digital photographs of grave markers, ancestral homes, and other points of interest, including the recording of GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for each

Massaging of your electronic photographs (lightening, darkening, cropping, reducing “red eye,” etc.)

“Computerizing” genealogy data

Building and maintaining your genealogy website

Migrating genealogy data between software applications

Recovering “lost” genealogy data from old format files

Performing backups of genealogy data stored on your computer

Installation and configuration of computer firewalls to protect genealogy (and other) data

Other Services:

Organizing records for publication

Creating family history books

Public speaking (at seminars, meetings, and classes) about genealogy and computer topics

Organizing and/or guiding genealogy research trips